PlantersNet Dial-Up

What is PlantersNet Dial-Up?

PlantersNet Dial-Up is Planters Telephone Cooperative's service linking your personal computer directly to the Internet. We provide a Point-to-Point account which connects you to the Internet on high speed transmission lines. Subscribers dial a local access number to connect to our 56 kbps modems.

What does PlantersNet include?

Installation and connection instructions with continuing technical support at no additional charge. Expert telephone support during the hours that tech support are available (M-SAT: 7 AM - 10 PM, SUN: 8 AM - 10 PM).

What do I need to connect?

You need a personal computer capable of supporting Internet Protocol (IP). You need a modem. We recommend a modem capable of communicating at a 28,800 baud rate or faster. You need a phone line. If you have Call Waiting, you need the Cancel Call Waiting feature so your PlantersNet© connection is not interrupted; you also have the option of adding an additional phone line.

How much is the service?

Planters offers dial-up service at very competitive rates. Currently, the price for unlimited usage is $19.99. Please contact our business office for setup information.

Can I connect to the Internet through on-line services?

Yes, you can get to parts of the Internet. Most on-line services provide accounts with limited applications and tools. Also, you are not directly connected to the Internet so file transfers may be more cumbersome. Some on-line services have long distance access numbers while others charge you for any e-mail messages you receive. PlantersNet users can exchange e-mail with users of the majority of on-line services.

Can I post a page on The World Wide Web through PlantersNet?

Your business or organization can have affordable access to global markets with PlantersNet World Wide Web Hosting Service. This service allows you to post your own page on the Internet and let other computer users learn about your products or services. For more information on posting a web page, please call your local Customer Service representative.